Where are our Alumnae Today?

In 2014-15-16, Ian Weber, Jesse DeRosier, Andrea Running Wolf, Terran Last Gun Kipp, and Naatosi Fish are all graduates of Cuts Wood School and have all returned to teach a language course to a new generation of students at the Cuts Wood School.

Jesse Desrosier

Jesse Desrosier -Aisinaipoiyi (Cree Speaker) was given his name when he was three days old by his great-great grandmother, Mary Maatoaya'kimii (calling from the grass woman) Grounds.  She was the wife of Pita Ooni'sta's (Eagle Calf) John Grounds. At the time, Mary was around 109 years old, and Aisinaipoyi, was the last one she named.  He was named after an ancestor who was known for speaking five languages including Cree.

Aisinaipoyi attended Cuts Wood School from 4th-8th grade and was part of the origional Iitookskiitaks (Lost Children) group.  Went on to graduate Browning HighSchool in 2007, and joined the United States Marine Corps and was honerably discharged in 2011.  Aisinaipoyi is currently in his final year at the University of Montana, and is the co-founder of the Sacred Roots Language Society. 

Naatosi Fish

Naatosi Fish was born in Missoula but grew up in Browning, MT.  He attended Nitsipowahsin from 4th to 8th grade where he developed a passion for language.  

Naatosi Fish is currently attending the University of Montana where he is studying community health and linguistics.  

He hopes to take his education back home and  help his community be healthier and his language be spoken.

Andrea Running Wolf

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Terran Last Gun Kipp

Ian Weber

Ian Weber Class Photo.jpeg